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    balance valve

    Digital lock balance valve


    \          Place of Orign :China
            Product name: Digital lock balance valve    



    Product Presentation:
    This is a balancing valve, suitable for various liquid pipeline systems, and is an ideal brand-new energy-saving valve, set with a scaled digital display and visually adjustable to any position and lockable. Main used for the warming pipeline system of industrial and civil buildings. It provides the means to settle such a problem existing in some pipe-net systems as the hydraulic imbalance and can accurately adjust both step-down and flow so as to improve the flowing status of the liquid inside of the pipe-net system to reach the target of the liquid balancing and energy saving. Use of this valve in the reform of the dual-pipe network engineering can still save energy and get a better effect. 
    Execution standard:
    Face-to-face dimension锛欸B/T 12221
    Flange Dimension锛      GB/T 17241.6
    Testing锛                 GB/T 13927

    Performance specification

    Model SP15-10/16 SP45F-10/16
    Test pressure 2.4MPa
    Working pressure =1.6MPa
    Working temperature =120鈩
    Suitable medium Water , oil and other liquids
    Performance curve Equal percentage


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