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    check valve

    Micro resistance slow close butterfly check valve


    \          Place of Orign :China
            Product name: Micro resistance slow close butterfly check valve    



    Product Presentation:
    This valve is a safety device mounted in the pipeline or pump outlet to prevent the pump from inversed running due to the differential water hammer’s shock in the pipeline when the pump stops. And it features by the brand-new structure, small fluid resistance, reliable seal, stable open-close, long duration, better energy-saving effect.
    Suitable for the pipeline related to the systems of water supply and drainage, fire-fighting, warming etc. or the pump outlet to prevent both pump and pipeline from being damaged due to the water hammer produced when the medium flows back and from the silencing effect.

    Performance specification:

    DN 1.0 1.6 Mpa
    shell test 1.5 2.4
    sealing test 1.1 1.76
    applicable temperature ≤100
    applicable medium water.,sea water etc.
    slowly-closing time 6 below 60s adjustable

    Main parts materials

    part name material
    body  gray cast iron/ductile iron
    butterfly plate cast iron
    stem SS
    packing SS
    sealing ring EPDM



    HU VALVE telephone:0086-15831888892 TEL: 0086-0317- 8268201  FAX:0086-0317-8268202   Email: fvalve@163.com